Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

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I have been so completly busy i have not updated in AGES.

The house move is going ok i think today is the day i go through the bedroom throw away anything i have not worn in over 2 months or that doesnt fit me any more RAR

Then i am going to get the boxes out of cupboard of doom and start packing the bedroom things YAY

i am pretty off work for the next week and half which will give me more than enough time to do everything we need to do!

RAR on with the packing !

EDIT i decided to make more of an indent into the packing and throwing away of stuff in the living room so far i have done fairly well lots of dvds and LOTS AND LOTS of old paperwork thrown away (so much paperwork that i have transformed an entire shelf of papers into a single half empty box) YAY now time for a cup of tea
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