Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

Tweets for Today

03:50 Wow thats was a fun evening ,a wonderful chat and i drank way to much absinthe and pretty much passed out #

09:05 Today i will attempt to fix Kubuntu which broke itself when it tried to update to Hardy Heron or formatiing and installing a fresh ubunt ... #

09:24 Linux is amazing i can uninstall and install different desktops while working on one i have removed!!! #

10:08 right kde removed, xfce and gnome installed, fingers crossed about to restart !!!! #

12:25 W00T im back in GNOME and its NIIIIICEEE #

15:58 YAY happy computer. Ubuntu is ACE #

16:45 Its been a good day, chilling at home fixing the computer and feeling happy #

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