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so....this goodbye for now

Is the last entry i will write from this computer, i have written many entires at this keyboard and on the computer called Gribbler, its going with the fish to Carries new place tomorrow.

It odd as i worked on this puter so many times and i remember when it came into my life and now i will be saying goodbye to it and the feesh.

I will miss both but especially the feesh Martin, Ackbar and Mikey they have made me smile and laugh so many times i have deiced to go into work tomorrow so i wont see them go i will say goodbye tonight .

After tonight i wont have a computer i will post when i can so you may not see much from me for a while , except tweets from my twitter account.

In some way i am looking forward to a tv and computer less home and in some ways not.

I am not looking forward to the feesh going i remeber the day we went to get them and Carrie named them and the many many times i have sat watching them and talking to them.

I remember when Ackbar was new and he used to nibble my finger, i remember mikey winding himself around me before he was big enough to burrow

I am going to stop now before i cry lots


Tags: feesh, gribbler, sad
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