Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

13:52 hey twtippls, watching F1 and making list of things to do, 1) hoover, 2) hang out clothes, 3) steam clean some more stuff #

15:29 spring cleaning GO, room cleared ready for hovering,rubbish taken out, steam cleaner warming up, washing ready to go out on the line RAR #

16:48 Clothes out on line, lounge hoovered , fire steamed, eating a nice bowl of muesli i am feeling accomplished YAY, next THE KITCHEN ALL OF IT #

19:35 LOTS of cleaning done the house feels better and happier in some way and a new cat friend came to the back door to say hi i enjoyed it LOTS #

20:40 feeleing suddenly sad? how very odd wow i really am bi polar boy today #

00:04 i always forget just how much Hellraiser ROCKS a simply amazing film #

00:29 WOW i never knew Larry from Hellraiser also played Garak in deep Space Nine #

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