Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

So what up?

Well later this month i will be 34! which is quite shocking for all sorts of reasons

I have just brought a bike to whizz around on this will both help my finances and my fitness YAY

I am really getting in to listening to music again. I like all the new electro stuff thats around a lot.

On the whole my life is a happy little place right now

Work is going pretty well though i think i need ot start looking for a new job i am not yet unhappy there but i reckon i will be soon, But this all ties in with he odd desire to leave this city that ha been on my mind a lot.

I reckon Brighton or in the south west of the country is where i really want to be in the long run.

I must continue on my quest ot rid myself of stuff, this will enable me to move quickly when the time comes.
Tags: bike, birthday, music, work
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