Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

tech and fitness

Right i have accomplished everything on this mornings list except for the gym and i am off there now YAY

Recently i have been playing with (testing) Chrome for Linux and the first thing i noticed was that is FAST amazingly so , This is a duel core tosh laptop running Ubuntu with all the nonsense not in use removed and Firefox was pretty quick but Chrome is on another level ITS WOW FAST.

I love it so much i wish it had all Gestures and i wish it had stumbleupon and delicious plugins and that is why i still resort to firefox pretty often but on the whole WOW.

Yeah there are a few formatting issues and such like but i am very impressed and happy with it.

As soon as i get a blank dvd/cd i am swapping out this hard drive and putting in my scorpio 160gb super fast drive in here and installing Karmic koala with ext 4 and new grub 2 and by all reports that should run also pretty dam fast. And as Linux is so ace one simple command created a script that logged all the packages and programs i have on here now and as soon as Karmic is running another simple command and it will load that script from an ftp site and that install all programs i currently have on here, then i copy over the home folder and all my personal settings will magically re appear.

Last time i did this i issued said command in bash (terminal) and went to make tea and have a shower by the time i was dressed i had everything i had one hour before on an entirely new OS



Now its time for the gym for a few hours and a nice swim

P.S has anyone got a spare unlocked or Vodafone mobile phone i could buy/borrow for a little while please?
Tags: bash, chrome, gym, karmic koala, linux, ubuntu, windoze
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