Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

Super exciting news

I am off to the Akshobya centre near me in an hour to go meet and discuss how i can help out when i volunteer on Saturdays, Work has already signed off on me having that day each off each week which is ace

I am SUPERSUPER excited about this

Then i am off to the gym 

Ebay is being stupid and really annoying as it wont let me verify myself as i dont have a landline and my new card is to new for them???

So the great selling off will have to wait until there customer care sorts this out.

But i have already partitioned things off that i am selling so if any of you are interested in any of the below items make me an offer this is not about the money so the offer can be a quid if thats all you wish/can pay, click on the links to see the more info and reviews and let me know

I need to re iterate this is not about making money , this is about getting stuff out of my life i want to be down to a room and some pots and pans as soon as i can pull this off.

Alice in Sunderland an amazing graphic novel/book by an amazing artist 

Pride of Baghdad i can not describe how happy/sad amazed this book made me feel so i wont !

DC's AMAZING 52 i have all the of them and i am selling all of them i have kept them in plastic covers in ace condition

There will be more soon and hopefully more on ebay 

Tags: buddhism, excited, gym. selling
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