Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

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so..lots to do

I am settled but busy right now, i am trying to live in two places which is fun and confusing and he next free day i get at my home i am doing a super manic throw away nonsense on the front room.

I cant wait to move closer the TinyWonderfulLady but that will happen around February

I have to get my head down and continue re ordering my journal into some kind of book based form as i really want to make that happen

Life is good i feel immensly stable and settled right now, i am not seeking release or escape at all i am simply being happy

I think i am in the right place to put the last 9 years in some kind of order and i am in the right place to be with someone infact i feel i am in the right place
Tags: book, happy, love, writing
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