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The fittening

Hey sorry i have not been posting recently life has been kinda busy , i have put into place a new plan i call the


1) i have started riding to work and back a total of around 15 miles once or twice a week

2) i have decided to go vegi for a while

3) back in the gym on the first and i plan to go 2 or 3 times a week

This is the way i will lose my extra couple of inches on my tummy

In other news life is good and hectic i am spending lots of time with the ever amazing woodlandfae 
Mr Tux is coming over lots and i love having him in my life as much as he is

Work is great now i am part time and i am loving that and the extra time i have in my life

My finances are getting to a mopre sorted state and that a massive relief i hope you are all doing well and are happy and well
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