Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

so i am back

There is so much to tell you all, firstly ...suppose i am a single guy again, not ready yet to talk about that.
Secondly i have a NEW job, which means i can start sorting out things, 

Also found a new house which i hope to be moving to in the next 2 months YAY

I have a new idea for a book...i realised i should not edit this into a book but start instead with a premise and then use and include my LJ to add to the narrative

I have a working title and i have a new start and tis makes me a happy
I am now using which is a flavour of Ubuntu and i have to say its AWESOME, it fast, responsive, bright and just so well designed
I feel optimistic and ....alive, i have a lot to do and a lot i want to do.

I am spending a couple of days chilling and playing computer games while i organise my thoughts about the new book into various linked notes using the awesome Tomboy notes 
this is all for now, in summary i am very well and happy ..worried about money but i know that will be sorted out soon
Tags: book, elementaryos, house, linux, work
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