Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

so a few conclusions

Thanks to ever honest and wonderful JC it has been pointed out that its hard to love me as i dont really love or even like myself much.

This makes so much sense that i am disappointed with myself for not noticing it previously

This means I now need to take steps to sort this out.

I have always had a self dislike which i have never seen as a problem until now.

I think for me for the time being ..Buddhism and staying single are a way forward and at the same time creating better conditions and opportunities for myself.

So new house maybe in Nottingham maybe not

A fresh start maybe a way forward while i sort my head out.

I am reducing the amount of negative in my life by being more mindful of my reactions to situations and poeple.

And this is helping.

So i have a flaw and plan YAY
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