Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke


Busy days, busy nights................

So the cull is complete and i now feel like i can manage happily with this level of sociial interaction+my life

I think i am happy....the start of spring always bring a smile to my face, both my jobs are going very well, i have a new/old friend and we are enjoying many lunches and drunken evenings.

I like where i am i would love to spend more time with Mia (my baby girl) and that is most certainly on the cards (hopefully seeing her today)

My meditation is going well though i seem to be in a place where is making me have bat shit crazy scary as hell dreams?????

I think i might switch away from breathing meditation to a Metta Bhavana based meditation

Running is going very well and i am seriously getting out there again and this makes me a very happy person.

I think i need to get my shoulders looked at the one a wrecked has been feeling more odd than is normal and the other side i have been having random pain in the muscle group above it which seems to be getting worse and not better??

Life on the whole is great and very busy i find it interesting that times when my life is the busiest are the times i seems the happiest...oh well on with the manic it seems
Tags: baby, cull, happy, meditation, running
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