Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

unexpected day off

I have a sometime to myself today as i was on the rota  to work my last day but the change in staff meant that i now have it off YAY

I am spending the morning having a bath , watching some things on my laptop and generally relaxing.

I on the whole love my life right now i am super excited and super looking forward to staring my new job with REAL Fundraising on thursday , i saw my wonderful baby girl last night and will be spending tonight at her house, i am enjoying spending time with a lovely friend often....yeah life is good

I am going for a run later and am reading a new meditation book to get some pointers as to where i should take my meditation now the Zen aspect intrigues me and i think i shall take my meditation in that direction for a while.

so yeah i am super busy most of the time trying to balance all the various aspects of my life but that keeps me interested and oddly means i am more at peace with everything
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