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Thoughts for the week

Firstly my darling little daughter took her first few and shaky steps AND then the next thing she did was stand still and dance!!

I am wonderfully amused by the fact that once she had figured out standing and taking a few steps the very next thing she did was DANCE and WIGGLE

I love being a dad and i get over there most nights for a few hours and on my days off longer taking her to the park and spending time one on one with her is AMAZING

The next thought is ...Alcohol WHY did i drink so much of it??? I thought it helped me sleep WRONG i am sleeping far more fitfully thanks to not drinking in the evening and waking up far easier in the mornings, I am happily relaxed most days without any need to have a drink.

I am looking forward to my next Fastday (Monday) and i think on Sunday evening or Monday morning i shall head out for a jog unless i am over with the Squidge in which case Tuesday

Life is ticking along nicely nothing much more to report i have been feeling a little unwell the past couple of days but i put this down to my body getting used to  lack of booze and meat
Tags: baby, fatherhood, happy, kwauwau, pescy
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