Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

a question for all the vegi's out there

So i have no eaten meat for nearly a week i have been eating fish as i decided for the time being to follow a  pescatarian diet and not a full vegi one,

Did any of you once you stopped eating meat feel really achy and a little slow>?

On the whole i feel healthier and i think it is good for me BUT i ache all over like i have been to the gym ALL the time right now will this pass ?

I dont think there is anything essential my diet is missing i eat a lot of fruit and veg and i pretty sure i have all the nutritional bases covered so i am not sure whether this is just simply a lack of meat and booze and my body adjusting or something else??

*edit* and now i appear to shaking ?? very odd i am also STUPIDLY HOT all the time??
Tags: food, nutritional, pescy
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