Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

I have reached an odd place

So in a couple of weeks I will be 42, now that number doesn't bother me it is after all just a number.

However while I have a good job (one that pays ok and is safe ish) , a wonderful daughter who I love more than I can describe , and I am financially managing, I am not content.

Maybe I should be but that feels like settling , I want a job that's fulfilling not just working

And I honestly feel becoming a parent I really has given me a direction and purpose I simply had I not had before.

That purpose and direction has given me a reason to do all sorts of positive actions for my daughter and therefore myself

And at some point I think I would like another child

However I am single,only just covering everything and can not really afford either.

Not sure what's next for me, I am currently getting myself in the kind of shape i expect of myself and clearing off my debts

I am thinking about applying for jobs at cycle stores as i would love to work on bikes.

I don't think for me another child is really on the cards so I suppose I should I will shave that for a later date

Oh well time to get ready and hop on my bike and go to work
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