February 22nd, 2008

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

YAY and ohh noes

Firstly the YAY

I rang Virgin mobile as my contract is up for renewal and after chatting with a very nice man he offered me the phone i wanted ( k850i ) a cheaper and more suitable contract 150 min and 600 texts for £25 quid! which is half what i am paying now AND a free case , free 1gb mem card AND FINALLY a nintendo DS!!

AND... i am mostly sticking to my new healthy me , i have reduced the amount of coffee i drink from one HUGE mug and 8 or 9 cups to One HUGE mug and 1 or 2 cups a day

the amount of wine i drink has also reduced from one or two glasses most nights to 3 glasses in a week!

And my diet in now mostly fruit and veg and porridge !


BUT DAM I DID NOT HAVE THE £2.99 delivery charge in my bank so i have to wait till friday for my new phone and stuff :-(
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YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

domesticated me!

So today while eating chicken and vegtable soup and decided to MAKE MY OWN

I have chicken bones and carcass from the last roast chicken and decided to make a stock which is going pretty well and while making that i am wasing up and making the kitchen all tidy

I have to say i am enjoying making stock and planning what to do next....

I think i am going to strain it put all the bit and veg on an oven tray and let them cool then pick off all the meat from the bones and put the veg and the meat back into the stock and cook it down a little to thicken it!

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