March 5th, 2008

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

Introspective nonsense

So i have been getting all thoughtful of late it seems to be something i do.

Today i realised that it was 10 years ago i got married ........this thought was prompted by an advert for music and one track which was Aqua - turn back time and i relaised that it was 1998 when i was married and thats odd.

I do not long for that time but it was a time i felt very happy and content i know it was a false happiness but still i was happy in a sense. Strange that my life seems very dreamy back then in my memories those first 2 years of marriage seems very happy in my head.

I certainly far more happy now and more content and more secure in myself and certianly less flip floppy in my emotions but still those times seemed happy. I no longer seek attention or popularity and i no longer base how i feel on the view of other people.

If i am feeling down its becasue i am down not because.....

I like my life a lot right now and sometimes i become complacent about it but it is times like these that i relaise just how far i have come and how much i really have now.

I still have a long way to go and a lot to figure out about myself but thats fine.

Soon a new home and new adventures it will be sad to say goodye to this flat there have been some very good and some very bad times here mostly good though.

so before i bore you all to death and for those still reading i think i have rambled enough for today

*EDIT* i have a new phone sony K850 which i absolutly love as a phone. There have been lots of negative press about it and reviews BUT ITS FUCKING FAB in IMHO the cam is AMAZING and touchscreen is odd at first but after 5 mins it seemed completly natural to me and everything i have tried so far has worked !

buh bye
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