March 20th, 2008

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

ok new direction

I realise that between myself and a few close freinds i often describe the often boring events in my life in short stories.

So i have decided to have this place brightened up by my more fun take on my often mundane life.

Today started off with me relaising that the kitchen had declared WAR.

I was not surprised it had been brewing for a few days now so i planned my first attack carefully

I started with a surprise mid morning attack thinking that it would have thought i woudld attack early morning and would have relaxed AHAH i was right i quickly dealt a FATAL blow t the "dirty pot squad" i know there are reinforcments but was satisfied with my move. So i retreated to the lounge with my hard won CUP OF TEA. after all "retreat but no surrender and sometimes the odd cup of tea" sounds like a cunning plan.

As we speak i have dealt further blows with the "washing the clothes" this was aided by the amazing new WAR machine known as a washing machine RAR

And now i am cooking and breaking for luncheon YAY
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