March 27th, 2008

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

looking back and then forward never standing still

We moved into this flat in June 2003 i have laughed and cried and been ill and been happy here.

So many memoeries some very bad like the few months i spent sitting on the sofa (thats now outside in the yard) with three metal pins holding my arm on

But on the whole despite the damp , the lack of room the really odd angle of everything and the many wierd and downright odd people upstairs , i can honestly i have enjoyed living here.

When i first moved to this flat i was still very messed up from the end of my marriage and still not really sorted at all. Now i am the most sorted i have ever been.

Its been good living here and i think i will look back with fondness i have a great relationship and good times and a really real job that i am doing pretty well in.

I am happier and more content than i have ever been in my life

I am now moving on to a new house with more rooms and so much better in so many ways.

But i will alwsys think of my time in this flat with good memories.

Fucked up, any?

You are... CUTEcrazy. Get the hell out of my face.
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