April 5th, 2008

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

lots of changes!

So lots of stuff has happened recently where to begin.

Moving in is going well and lots of stuff is out of boxes and by the end of weekend lots more will be YAY

The VSSN (volunteer group) that i am going to Nepal with and for emailed me and told me about a new summer camp in april next year so i have decided to to that instead of september , this gives me more time to save AND more time at work to do overtime so that i get paid for the full month off.

the summer camp is much more intensive and has lots of activites planned into it (SO EXCITING).

Its all exciting as i will be doing lots more stuff than i would have been in September.

Work is going GREAT am now a facilitator ( the next step up) no payrise but time off the phoone learning the Team leader jobs and gaining the evidence i need to complete Success stories (the internal course i need to get to Team Leader).

I am doing a NVQ now i have time because i ave delayed the Nepal trip in customer service and managment (which is also more evidence for my Success stories).

After a long time away i have been talked into creating and managing a new website which is all very exciting, so much has changed in 2 years. Lots to learn and create. My client has given me lots of space to do what i do without her interfering much and she listens and takes on board a lot.
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