May 7th, 2008

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

So lots and stuff

Firstly the PC borked itself when it tried ot update to Hardy Heron forcing me to finally admit that KDE is silly and move to GNOME now we have a fully working Ubuntu 8.04 in GNOME and its very happy.

It did take me most of the bank holiday weekend but that was ok.

Saturday Pete came over and we watched the start of Death Note its GREAT (thanks Carrie)

The ever wonderful Sarah came over sunday night and we drank Absinthe and watched Peep Show series 2 it was very very fun and made me feel very happy.

Went to Adams last night and watched some crazy film that i almost followed and caught up with Charlie and Adam that was also very fun.

Work yesterday was a nightmare of nobody relaising the call centre was open sat,sun and monday and all calling us AT THE SAME TIME

So it seems i am starting to be more social again this is a good thing NOW i must away to the GYM


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