July 6th, 2008

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

Tweets for Today

15:56 Dam it the sofa is more comfy than the things i call a bed #

17:25 Sofa is cleaner WIN and i have shopped WIN now i am chilling watching six feet under WIN today is a good day #

17:38 Mm i seem to like being on my own i forget some times that i actually like my own company. More gym tomorrow YAY #

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YAY a present for Darwin!!!!


I found rice and an egg this morning in my cupboard this means VEGATABLE EGG FRIED RICE FOR DINNER YAY

And the Formula one is looking good so far, after that a quick hoover of the lounge , some more uppacking and then cooking and then chuck some clothesin the wahs and maybe some pots

Good day so far!