July 24th, 2008

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

So birthday update

TONIGHT iw ill be Sh!ts and G!ggles at the Horn in hand next to speakeasy if anyone wants to join us that where my birthday drinks will be hapening from around 9 its free entry and there are some greta DJ's playiing W00T , and you can support a new local night ran by some good freinds of mine DOUBLE W00T

Yesterday was surprisingly fun, went out in the daytime with my mum to the Orange Tree saw Ken and Jen and Nat and that was all very jolly then met my sister with mum in the Horn in Hand and that was also jolly, then came home to find Carrie had got me a birthday cake and that MADE me very happy AND THEN after about 5 hours of dirnking Carrie took me to see Forbidden kingdom which is an ACE film very silly but GREAT then a quick drink in the turf tavern and then home to sleep ALOT
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