August 8th, 2008

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!


Right mostly i have been using Linux for some time now and and simply LOVE Ubuntu, Everything i want is here and if its a windoze program no problem i can pretty much run all of them under WINE anyway including all my games and everything.

Being the scatty have to be doing a hundred things at once kinda of person having 4 desktops with a multiple cube switching thingy and 3d windows means i really can have all the app i want running and switch between them as fact as i can think (its also really pretty)

Windoze always had issues running all the things i want at the same time without something crashing

even Itunes works here ! (i only got it working to see if it would so that if i wanted and iphone i wouldnt need windoze)


AND LAUNCHY its ace and makes life so quick and easy and appearntly now you windoze folks can use it YAY


Right rant over i have got my Geek brief fix and some coffee now time to move everything small out of the lounge so i can spray for fleas and then move the stuff thats left in there around so i can get everywhere.

Then maybe the gym and then i think Adam is coming over YAY
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