August 20th, 2008

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!


Firstly today has been a very sad day and i am v upset as i found out a very old freind died last night. I have not seen him in 7 or 8 years but he was for many years one of the closest people to me we did everything together. And we both saved each others life many times, he was one of the people that gave me my name ( Carter ) and one of the people that truly shaped who i am today.

I will miss him even though i have not seen him for a long time. I will not go in specifics but he died the way he lived in many ways at 35.

Its brought back many feelings and i know a part of who i am is gone forever

Goodbye my crazy, mental friend you really did live.

After starting to write this i realise that the other things i was going to say dont matter this post should be about him

Thank you for britney

thank you for Half life

thank you for all those nights and all those parties

thank you for being there in that club on that night and saving my life when nobody else believed in me

And sorry for closing our friendship because of a girl i know you understood and thank you for walking away before i had to tell you

You should have called bro i would have been there but i understand why you didnt. I managed to cope with losing the one i love i understand why you didnt

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