October 19th, 2008

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

so this weekend has been a quiet one

Mostly i have been sleeping , reading doing housework and moving my various online photo galleries to Flickr

If you have a flickr account please add me i am technomouseuk!

Having now downloaded most of my pics from my gallery site, fotopic, piccasa and LJ's scrapbook i am re tagging and moving all of them to my Flickr account.

Its going to take a while but as i now the the most excellent Fspot photo manager it seems prudent to move to everything to one site and keep a secondary backup on my own web space.

This will mean i dont lose (forget) i have photo's and i have more control YAY

other than that this weekend has been quiet and refreshing i am SUPER looking forward to next weekend as i am going to a Friends new house in Littleover for a catchup and rest YAY

So now time to catch up with Heroes then off to an early bed so i am well rested for work and gym tomorrow
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