February 20th, 2009

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

life is going well

I dont have a lot to report as yet my new shifts are great and the team is fab and it kinda makes wokring good again.

I have a new digi cam its a lovely sony w110, i brought it on credit which is a bit naughty but i can just about afford so thats cool.

Everything os ok right now i am spending most of my free time throwing stuff away which is kinda of emotionally tiring as i keep finding things that remind me of stuff.

Getting through it all though and right now i am down to 4 boxes of unknown and some stuff under my bed so thats good, soon the ebaying will start!

I have discovered that drinking makes me sad so i am avioding it for the time being.

Spending lots of time in the gym and that helping me feel healthier and better about stuff

Hopefully get some overtime in this month as well YAY

so thats all for now folks hope you all well and happy

xx Alan XX
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YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

Tweets for Today

23:15 I am loving night time its so much nicer than day time #

01:39 Is loving hitman the film #

01:56 Is feeling sleepy so its time to turn in early #

14:05 yay my new shiny has arrived a sony cybershot w110 its ace *happybounce* #

14:32 Is making a cleaning list to much overtime means messy house #

21:55 YAY i have more overtime #

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