February 26th, 2009

at the tuxnoddlez house

ok things are looking up

It looks like by the end of next week i will have the most super safe housemate.

This is great as the overtime i am currently doing can go towards my debts and that means i wikll be debt free a little sooner YAY

Debt freeedness is most important as the lack of debt will free me to save and go wandering which is my next really big change move house sometime later this year and go see stuff ....YAY

I am liking the simplicty of my life it consists of work , sleep , eating , listening to the radio, bathing, gym and reading. I sometimes find solace in routine.

I am tired though not enough sleep or food and too much work and gym but i must remind myself that this much work serves two purposes. As a useful distraction from being upset and a way to earn lots of money while the OT is on offer and sort my finances out finally.

Right time to finish this chapter and get in the bath