April 10th, 2009

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

I have been thinking a lot recently ...

Firstly i have been thinking i drink to much , this is easily fixed, I am not sure i want another relationship i like being on my own and find that i feel more together.

I like keeping the hours i do , i like reading on my own whenever i want , i like doing what i want when i want.

I miss waking up next to that someone special and certian other things but its ok.

I am not completly sure how i will survie this month financially but i really dont have a choice so it looks like i will be living on taost and pasta and cereal for the next 20 or so days.

I have had to put my gym membership on hold due to lack of funds this month. and i expect my phone to be cut off in the next week dou to non payment.

The BIG upside here is that i owe one less compnay money and therefore YAY

SO off to bed to read more inspector more over a nice glass of ribena YAY
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YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

Back to work and yay for catalogs

I am really not very good and certian housework taks and i really dont like all the harsh chemicals and sprays and things. So i have decided that thanks to Choice catlog i can afford and Proper steam cleaner its only 1.20 ish per week and this means in 2 days time i will starts cleaning everything in sight.

I am back at work today for double time this is both and good thing and a good thing.

Not much more to report

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