May 17th, 2009

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

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16:52 At work talking to the stupid masses who seen to constantly buy electrical devices without know how to use them YAY #

18:58 Just spent 13 mins of my life trying to explain that the customers tv was not on and all she needs to do is TURN IT ON #

20:34 Kill me kill me NOW , someone just asked if his sky tv HE WAS NOW WATCHING WAS FIXED *headdesk* #

22:33 When i say unplug it i mean take TAKE THE PLUG OUT OF THE WALL #

23:35 Sitting at home going to watch the Rest of atonement and drink gin #

00:30 Yay gin and more "This Life" , Atonement was a wonderful film #

01:26 Sleepy night night twitter peoples #

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YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

new old things

Right i have been lax of late posting here and i apologise to anyone who still reads this.

I have been thinking a lot recently and  i am changing my relationship with my journal i recently have just been posting random thoughts.  When i started this journal it was there as a record of who i am/was and what i am thinking.

I have changed the layout and colours to reflect this new direction.

So i am going back/forward to that way of talking to this journal. I woudl like to use this journal as a log and track of how i am and how i am feeling....

Recently i have been working much harder on going to the gym and getting the Fit and healthy part of "the plan" in order.

This has been going great and i feel really postive and healthy, i sitll have to look at my diet and move to mostly veg based eating. And that is the next big move i am already like the improvment in muscle size.

I am going to post the before pic shortly and then weekely will post new pics to show you all. 

This  is a little embarrisng as the before pics are awful i dont like how i look at all in them but i wil post them as a record anyway.