August 12th, 2009

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

so better now

Wow that was an evil version of the flu ...nasty few days but i am fine , nothing more to say on that.

Had alot of time to think, read, listen and watch over the past few days, thank the universe for the Internet and laptops.

I realised i am ok with being single i actually think it suits me far more.

The past few days has rather derailed my attempts at fitness so back to that tomorrow, and back to work today.

I love the Clash and Bob Dylan right now i am in a far more contemplative mood then i have been for the past few years and i am enjoying music and reading again.

I am starting to keep a workbook , with doodle , pictures and random thoughts and things stapled in i intend to keep one for each year from now and that helping put my thoughts in more of a coherent order rather than just lots of random voices shouting in the dark.

I am really looking forward and very excited about the  Method Cell/Goteki night on Saturday it will be great to see people again.

Back to work today after ages off as the evil flu coincided with the end of some holiday so i am getting there early to catch up on email etc.

I have that mischievous smile back on face which is always a good sign, and the weather is perfect for me kinda rainy and a little bit bright YAY

I have been catching with a friend i have known since i was 16 we see each other most years and chat often he is one of those older friends that i cherish so highly and introduced me to many things including new wave music and always inspires me to be more and better than i am, a huge thank you goes out to him.  His name is Ken and he has had a massive impact for better on my life.

Life is ok isnt it?