August 25th, 2009

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!



12:42 bacon . eggs , tea and more pots done so far this is a good morning YAY soon a few more bits clean in the bathroom then work #

13:44 W00T i have cleaned the toilet,sink and done some pots now time for more Tea and a bath then work #

14:13 BATH time YAY #

15:17 work now ...see you soon! #

18:27 attempting to seee the callers as wonderful humans i have more in common with than i normally think and show compassion so far its working! #

18:42 calls seem nicer when i atempt to see the world from there point view and ask what would i do mostly i would not have rang a call centre #

19:36 wonders if his housemate got what he needs? looking forward to a even cleaner house later YAY #

20:03 compassion is harder than i thought #

22:30 ok ..i am, just confused again even when relaxnig and putting there thoughts ahead of judgents i make these people still SHOUT AT ME>? #

22:40 OK why would you ring a call centre for technical advice only to disagree with the technical advice given ? #

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