August 31st, 2009


ok not a bad weekend ....

My weekend was a wonderfully quiet and working one, had lunch in the Orange tree read the Cryptonomicon which is a very wonderful book.  And then went to work i feel good about work right now so its all ok.

I have made a decision and it means i have to start clearing this house of everything i cant take with me.

Its now time to seriously look into how i move to Iceland i have not set a time frame yet as i firstly need to figure out what is involved and start making a plan of actions that i need to take.

I have a v close friend on hand who has already achieved this rather wonderful goal so that should help, i have my passport app already here and filled in just waiting to get pics signed and stuff.

I really cant take much except clothes and a couple of boxes of important things with me, so this is going to be a BIG clear out.

So many of you will not see me out or anything for  a while as lots of my spare time will be sorting and throwing stuff away and saving money.

And somehow i now have to learn Icelandic which is going to fun challenge indeed

I am still not sure how possible this will be and all and many things may change in the next year anyway but this is something i really want to do i am easily young enough and free enough to pull this off.

I want to know the language well before i consider actually moving so thats the first step along with throwing away and getting rid of many many things.

So for now lots of sorting throwing away and planning is on the horizon.

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This is all for now hope you are all well and happy i feel wonderfully optimistic about this