October 8th, 2009

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

so ....i think i am adjusting

I appear to be adjusting to my new more hectic life and this is good i am still pretty tired but i am adjusting.  Now i need to start increasing my time in the gym again.

I tried to sleep in my bed last night on my own and it felt kinda wrong so i ended up going back to the wonderful ladies house as we were kinda missing each other which was wonderfully odd.

I am actually kinda enjoying to bus journey into work as i get time to read and get my head ready for the day ahead.

I also really need to get to the Buddhist centre more also ......

I am still a little shocked as to how quickly this is happening but i know its all good

I spent some time with the wonderful Mr Tuxman yesterday and i we are planning days out and holidays with the wonderful lady.

Also saw Mr Gadge and as ever i was reminded just how much we have both grown and changed , he also gave me a wonderful little Buddha which is a such a thoughful present.  I am pleased by the changes i see in myself reflected in him, it makes me happy we have both survived all the madness and fun.