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November 8th, 2009

wow what a lovely few days

I spent thursday in the fantastic company of woodlandfae and the fantastic mr Tux and much chatting and fun ensued.

Friday was spent on a mission to get these 

And they are sound AWESOME and fit wonderfully and are now my main headphones for daily use, On friday we caught up with an old friend called Ryan and much catching up happened, the rest of my time has been spent with the wonderful lady.

Today i have spent the entire day installing Kamic Koala on my new hard drive and switching out the old hard drive and then re installing all the applications , which was made mcuh eaier by the most excellent Aptoncd which meant i could create a cd with all the porgrams i sue on and import them straight into my new operations system YAY

And the my only tasks then was to write over the new folder with mine from previous drive and BANG all my settings are returned.

I have done this using windows and it took far longer and was much more annoying, while i dont think porting hard drives and OS's will ever be great fun it was the easiest this time ever.

So now i am using my Scorpio drive with 160gb with EXT 4 and grub 2 YAYS and a 40 sec bootup time OH YEAH

And the most wonderful woodlandfae Has been taking much care of me feeding me and and looking after me in many ways i feel most blessed ot have her in my life once agian, not many poeple get a second chance with each other.

I am very pleased with how well both woodlandfae and Mr Tux get on its so good to see two people who are so very dear to me get on so well


YAY a present for Darwin!!!!
Alan Clarke

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