December 13th, 2009

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

more chnages

This past year i have changed more i think than any other, i feel myself moving away from the party boy i was into a more mature , thoughtful, considerate person.

I still have all the manic energy i used to but i dont feel the need to expend it all the time, I have found love again with a wonderful , amazing and beautiful lady i am honestly and truly thankful for.

There is time left in this year for a few moe changes so....

I think its time i quit drinking unless i am out in a bar/club and am trying out being a veggie again starting from today.

I need to start trying to look after myself something i have made a start on but not really made any in roads into.

I am doing this for me and because it was pointed out that i still drink quite a lot

This year has been hard and great and sad and happy it has been a year of massive changes and i am very hopeful for the future. Look out for the end of year meme once again coming soon.

Soon it will be the last Nightmare i think closing a door on my past so that i may commit all my time and resources building a life with the lady i am in love with woodlandfae

My finances are starting to look solid and soon i will be a position to save again which i look forward to.

And moving house is on the agenda for next year closer to woodlandfae and looking for a new job that uses some if not all my abilities and talents

And maybe re training a course in something not sure yet.....