January 5th, 2010

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

a lot going on i cant really talk about....

Life is busy , firstly i know i am done here at my work, i have booked 3 weeks off for another reason and i really doubt i will be coming back i know in my head i am done and i will not be coming back unless there realy is no other choice.

So looking for a new job now and a new house in a few months ??

I am getting an very exciting thing tomorrow a new mountain bike , its an Ameoba Hussar custom built i found on ebay and its been brought for me as a pressie i am MOST EXCITED

The three weeks off is to look after a very special someone and that is all i prepared to say right now

Life is kinda stessfull for all sorts of reasons but i am fine and ok

will update more soon

i really hope your all well and happy

So 2010 years of many changes me thinks ....
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