January 14th, 2010

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

New project, new bike new stuffs


This is my new address for my new project called 365 of 35 beginning on my birthday the 23 of July , i intend to post one pic per day for my entire 35th year of my life, i like the limt of one becasue that means it has to be something that is that day to me 

I toyed with using LJ but the ease of email posting and the fact i want to keep here as a record of my thoughts and actions rather than pollute it led me Blogger

I have in fact had an account there for a few years just not put it to any use.  So this seemed like the perfect re tooling.

Also i wanted something very different from here 

In other news my life is continuing to be wonderful with woodlandfae at my side i am a very happy bunny indeed.

I have a Shiny new bike that the most wonderful lady brought me i owned this bike a few years ago but had to sell it and the tinywonderfullady has either brought my actual bike for me or one with all the same parts i specced on it down to the custom forks!

So very soon i will be thrashing around Derbyshire as out here in risley i am very near all sorts of singletrack goodness 

So life is good dear reader and i am filled with a new found and wonderful sense of purpose

Soon the housemove and stuff will commence and my energy levels are great right now

I feel ready to take on new projects and new funs