May 21st, 2010

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

So the next stage in the fittening

The vegi thing did not work out so well for me so i am amending that part of the plan.

I am switching to a lower carb , lower fat , more protein and less coffee diet

Its a big step towards how i want my body to look and when i get to the point of looking in the mirror and being happy with what i see again then its time to treat myself to some more ink

I have a few ideas and i know where i am going to go get them done Rampant Ink did my first Tat and will do the rest

Right after my green tea and yoghurt with granola start to the day its time to get myself ready for a gym session YAY

And soon i am going to re jig my day so that i can fit half an hour of free time in to meditate

Peace and happiness to you all