August 22nd, 2010

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

So alive ...and kinda ok?

 I need change more than ever i need to change me, my situation 

More importantly i WANT to

So front room is being turned into my play den with my xbox and bean bags etc, i will finish the throwing away of stuff on my day off this week

Next is my hair ................have the sides and back shaved and then some colour on the top.

Then .....what then?

I dont know ...........really i just feel this need to DO STUFF and CHANGE i feel change calling to me again

Yes i am still very upset and yesterday was harder than i thought it would be but with a close freind and a little resolve its done my stuff is back here and soon it will be organised.

I will not give into the wave of random negative emotions ....i will use them to effect changes and move forward because thats all i can do.

I cant stay still for too long or the wave catches up, and i have never been one to give in.