August 23rd, 2010

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

Another day marches on

I have just slept very well but still kept almost waking up....... bed still feel empty?

Now i have a small amount of funds i am just getting ready to head off to ASDA to get supplies and fudz

I am still pretty despondent but i have to get on with stuff, the kitchen is not going to clean itself

I still am in a state of confusion at recent events but i suppose i just have to get on with life.

Healthy eating will help and lots of slow cooker recipes for good hearty food YAY

i mostly want to curl up under the duvet and hide from the world but that wont get me anywhere

Work have confirmed i am full time again YAY and i have much overtime coming up which means my financial situation is looking ok for a change

Anyway i should stop procrastinating and get my self up ready and shopping W00T