August 24th, 2010

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!


 i hate this time of night, i hate being awake but knowing i am not yet ready to sleep

i want to sleep but...that tends to lead to crying myself TO sleep and thats no fun so instead i sti up watching mindless american drama getting just drunk enough to sleep without the entire crying bit.


So back to one tree hill and another glass of very excellent wine
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YAY a present for Darwin!!!!


Yesterday was a good day, i purchased many things for the house and for me and now i have really real food and a clear plan of cleaning and sorting the house out.

I am more hopeful today and a little bit more perky

I am seeing a pattern forming around the house work and its a good one and i happy with it.

I am waiting for my housemates day off so i can work more on the front room to make space for my bike, as he works nights me banging around in there during the day when he is asleep is unfair on him BUT there is still loads of other stuff i can get on with YAY

We now have a simple human bin with liners and the big outside bin is now full so waiting till wednesday when thats emptied to continue

If i have time today going to get the sides and back of my head shaved and then buying some colour for it i am thinking of this cosmic blue which is a dark dark blue thoughts anyone???

so this is me ...getting on with it....

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