September 18th, 2010

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!


 I left my Job last night

I also got a new one yesterday evening 

I now work for GIFT and this makes me so so so so so happy its awesome

This is really good move i saw a friend who does this job and he looks happy and he enjoys the job the social side of it EVERYTHING and i wanted that so i went and got it YAY

I will be a street fund raiser and FIGHTING APATHY YAY

I know i will be great at this job its everything i could want in a job its outside, its with people , its a massively social job and i will be helping out charities and talking about things i am passionate about


And my new workmates are amazing 

So good bye Domestic and general , good bye 4 and half years of being shouted at and stupid targets GOOD BYE