September 29th, 2010

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

a big decisions

I know domgen are paying me something on the 12th.... so i am de listing my bike off ebay i am not prepared to give up another thing i love because i made a decision to better my life 

yes finances are going to be hard but NO

I feel like crying ALL the time , i have been cutting myself again and just HATE the fact that i have done something good andthat means my life is more FUCKED UP  sure the new job is hard BUT its better and i love it and i ma doing something good and THAT SHOULD FUCKING COUNT FOR SOMETHING YEAH???

I love my bike and i love the girl who brought it for and yeah she has moved on and yeah THAT FUCKIN HURTS and i will always remember getting the bike and riding with her watching me on Bones in motion and the hugs afterwards



ALL i can do is work my ass off and live on basic noodle type food for the next FOREVER and hope this all works out

I can always list my bike later on if things get way sketchy

And here i am crying again ..................fucking great