October 11th, 2010

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!


 Right so trick to the day is keep smiling keep positive and whatever willl happen will anyway

All i have to do is keep smiling and realise its just another job and i can always temp or some such nonsense

Life is ok right now i am still feel like crying far to often but its ok

right coffee , toast and bath then tram RAR
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YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

ok so that was a mistake

 Quitting Domgen and moving to Gift seemed like a great idea ..............it now seems however it wasnt such a great idea 

I got fired today

This ....is scary and new and errr ODD

Errr so.............what now ...well firstly claimed JSA and housing benefit etc...........

then apply for jobs i guess i fancy a complete change ...something different

I have already applied to Costa and Nero to be a Barrista

And i think i want to help people so i am looking at open uni courses in social care etc

And  a place called framwork looks awesome working with people who are homeless or have drug issues sound kinda cool