October 13th, 2010

at the tuxnoddlez house

[LJ2ME (http://www.xfyre.com/sw/lj2me.html)] Odd changes

So I am officially unemployed and will go to my work based interview today

Its very odd and the first time I have been out of work since I was 20

I have recently been a very good boy with no cutting at all YAY

Had a great night out last night at Just the Tonic audition night with Mr Tuxman

Realised that drinking alcohol is not good for me right now and makes me very sad and depressed

Today I intend to make Chicken noodle soup and start applying for new jobs online

Attempting to re gain control I might take it easy on myself for a little while and not push myself into anything new and too demanding too quickly

I did love working as a fund raiser and i want to work in a field that benefits other people in some way

I think I will start attending the meditation classes on fridays again as well

This is all for now

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