November 13th, 2010

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

Babies, Bills Hicks, sofa's cookers, Love and happy

 Mostly this is because right now i dont really have a lot going on.  I am so happy with the amazing and always breathtaking Jacey who i can not wait to marry.

Just watched American the Bill Hicks story and WOW i can not say how amazing and how funny and how he has affected my life.

To see someone speaking the truth and not backing down inspired me when i was younger and to an extent has been a thing that has shaped me.

He was AMAZING and so funny

Mostly i have been hibernating at home with the above mentioned amazing lady

Yesterday my mum popped over with my uncle and droppped off a new cooker and sofa YAY and i told her i was engaged YAY

This coming week i start my job hunt with a renewed vigour i need money to fly my darling lady and myself to Vegas so we can get married by Elvis YAY

And then we plan on taking the trip to Nepal together that i cancelled this year due to work and other commitments.

We also want a new house a place that is our new start.

So a job is a vital component and that all good

I have been considering and accepting that i want children ............... its weird like someone turned on my biological clock for the first time.

It is something i have always avoided thinking about and avoided doing BUT now with Jacey i want perhaps its time to teach myself lots of new computer languages and  get my ass back into some IT/IS related job

Its an amazing thing ...this life.........its a ride and one i WANT to be part of for the first time in many years I FEEL GREAT

It wonderful  how happy i am right now ....sure there are money worries and all the normal discursive thoughts and stresses but all i have to do is hear her voice or  see that smile and my world rights itself.

So content and determined ..............its time to get on with it and MAKE a wonderful life for me and my betrothed