June 14th, 2011

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

so moving on and moving forward

So i have had a couple of weeks chilling and thinkings and relaxing.

I have enjoyed chilling and relaxing and i have enjoyed the time to catch up on reading and stuff.

I have noticed an odd new thought pattern, i dont seem to want to go to clubs or bars anymore.  I have turned down going out to various nights recently mostly because of money but i know in my head that is just one reason, the main reason is i am uncomfortable and feeling socially nervous recently.

Maybe i am over that phase in my life I have noticed that when i am around in social situations i seem to be more awkward than i used to be so i am mostly staying in
I have applied for a few jobs but i have heard nothing  yet but i am not overly concerned i know i will find something soon.
I am enjoying the time to meditate and relax and not have to be somewhere or have something to do all the time.
Thinking about where i go next a lot and what i do next i still dont really know yet but i am looking forward to the next phase in my life