August 17th, 2011

YAY a present for Darwin!!!!

The most amazing day EVER i felt our unborn child move

 Yesterday started off well with calls from various Agencies with varous possible jobs and interviews, one of them being Syntax an amazing agency who are the best in the IT Business.

I had a wonderful lunch with mum ,,,and life was going well


I came home and while talking with Jacey she let me hug her and put my hand of her tummy, and i felt our baby Mia kick and push and turn for the first time as i at snuggled up to my best friend feeling our baby move my world changed.

Everything i have been through recently was for a purpose, to be the best father , hearing her move when i put my head of Jacey's tummy and feeling her , this tiny person we had made while in love, i got it fatherhood and i cant wait,

I has changed my perception of the world entirely ,She will be an AMAZING mother and i am and will do everything to be the best dad, hopefully soon i will be back in the contract IT and get to spend as much time with my little princess

I am already completely and utterly in love with my unborn child, to feel her little hands and hear her heartbeat is...mind blowing and AMAZING in a way i cant describe

Today has been wonder filled and has made me so happy

Feeling those little hands and feet and her twist and turn ....................has changed me